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ULySS (University of Lyon Spectroscopic analysis Software) is an open-source software package written in the GDL/IDL language to analyse astronomical data.
ULySS fits a spectrum with a linear combination of non-linear components convolved with a line-of-sight velocity distribution (LOSVD) and multiplied by a polynomial continuum.
ULySS is used to study stellar populations of galaxies and star clusters and atmospheric parameters of stars.



About the authors

Mina Koleva, from Bulgaria, obtained her PhD in Lyon, is presently a Marie-Curie fellow at the UGent, Belgium. She is interested in dwarf galaxies and stellar populations.
Philippe Prugniel is astronomer in Lyon. He has been awarded the price of the world's best adviser by (his) students. He is working on stellar populations.
Yue Wu is Chinese and partially spent her time studying at Lyon. She works on the LAMOST project (www.lamost.org) at Beijing.
Antoine Bouchard, Canadian, obtained his PhD in Australia, made a first postdoc in Lyon, second in South-Africa and now he is back to his homeland in Quebec.

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